Arena is in progress!

We debating adding an arena, but ultimately I knew I wouldn’t ride much if I didn’t have a decent ring. The lovely colleague that referred us to our barn builder also put us in contact with her ring builder.

We opted to go with 90′ x 120′, but when Kenny leveled it he went 100’x 120′ which is ok by me. It is 100′ wide and 120′ long, which allows for us to go further out if we ever want to expand the ring to 100′ x 150′.

Because of the way our land lays, we did not install drains or bank the ring, but he did put a 2% down slope for drainage. One the area was leveled, he added a 4″  layer of limestone (2″ of that was compacted)  and let it sit for a month to dry it out. The footing is currently 4″ of class 1 sand. We are going to ride on it for a year or so to pack it down, then add an 1″ of river sand to soften it up.

We did have one incident where the rental place that we got the lift (for the electrical work) decided to use our ring to turn around. This tore up the base, but Kenny was able to fix it before adding the sand.




After the final footing was added:


We plan to fence the arena in and have seeded the surrounding bare soil to prevent run off. If we need to add footing material in the future, we can do so. My dad will be back in the fall to install arena lights as well.

Any idea how to keep it from freezing?



2 thoughts on “Arena is in progress!

  1. In the winter months it seemed like we had to drag constantly to keep the footing from getting bad. I’m not sure what stuff if any is out there to reduce chances of freezing though.


    1. Yeah I think that’s going to have to be our plan. Luckily it doesn’t get too too cold here for long. Plus the ring is right in full sun all day. If all else fails, there’s a neighbor with an indoor I might have to beg.


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