Baby’s first lesson

Marcus tossed a back shoe on Friday night and my farrier goes to the lake on the weekends, so I called to cancel  my Sunday lesson. Ms trainer suggested I come take a lesson on Frankie, so baby horse stepped in for his big brother!

All I can say is wow! In two weeks of training at Julies, he has learned so much. He now (mostly) stands when you get on which is a huge difference from when I first tried him and he would walk away. He stands quietly on the cross ties though if you leave him too long, he will turn himself around and look out the other door out of boredom.

I didn’t have a bridle to fit his baby face, so Julie worked him on a lunge for the first two days after he arrived at her place. Then she got bored and decided to ride him around in a rope halter to teach him how to move off your leg and seat.

Western trick pony:

Julie’s theory with babies is that you practice something they know, then you teach them something new, then you go back to something they know to boost their confidence and end on a good note. Since it was my first time lessoning on him, she just worked with me to teach me how to ask him to do the things he knows. So we worked on walking with contact, and trotting with contact. Then we did a few 20m circles, working on correcting his body and head when he had a baby moment. Transitions are hard for me on both horses because I drop contact, so we worked a bit on walk trot downward transitions. My issue is that when I ask, I don’t keep enough of a feel and when his head goes up, instead of keeping contact and adding leg, I open my fingers.

We also worked on lengthening and shortening at the walk from my seat. That was amazing! If you let your hips follow the movement, he would lengthen. Then if you tightened them up a bit, he would shorten. Such a smart baby!!


Julie was absolutely giddy over how he was. She went on and on gushing about how great he was doing and how smart he is. She also called my friend to brag about him to her. Feels SO good to have a trainer who adores my horses and really appreciates the little things in a baby’s training. Based on the improvements in the last two weeks, I am really looking forward to seeing how Frankie develops. If he keeps this up and has the same attitude, he is really going to be something special.

One pooped baby:




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