Our new furry mouse traps

Chris and I were in the barn a few weeks ago moving pallets around before we got a load of hay. All of a sudden he jumped and yelled “I think I just saw a mouse!”

Proceed with a 5 minute discussion of how he couldn’t believe we had a mouse already.

My only response “Well, at least it wasn’t a rat.”

Needless to say, soon after that he started asking about a barn cat.We called the local humane society which has a barn cat program, but they only had feral cats. I figured it could be an option, but really we wanted something a bit more approachable. Last Friday, I got put in contact with a group that was trying to place about 12 barn cats seized from a property a couple counties away. I didn’t think much of it and told the girl I would be interested in one or two friendly barn cats if they needed homes. She called me back and said “Are you familiar with the Maria Borrell case? These cats are from that farm”. I told her I needed to talk to Chris and called him and explained to him what that meant and before I knew it I was making arrangements with someone to get the two cats that night.

So meet Charles (cause he’s in charge) and Joanie. Charles is really friendly and had to have been a dumped house cat. Joanie is a bit more standoffish but I think she will come around. She looks like a kitten but shes an adult, so clearly her nutrition was lacking early on. Right now they are camping out in our tack room until they get used to our place. I may lock them up a little longer because they are going to harvest tobacco next door and I don’t want them roaming with the tractors running.






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