Barn Building 101-Part 2

In the past week we’ve been working on getting the barn ready for my horses to move in this week. While the general structure was complete and the arena had footing, we still quite a list including fencing, water, and concrete.


We chose to have one main water spicket in the barn and placed in near the grooming stall. This way we can run a hose to water all of the stalls and out the back door for the wash stall. In the pastures, we installed Mirafont automatic waterers. The water lines were dug 36” deep (our frost line is 24” I believe). Obviously we need a bit of reseeding around the waterer.


In the tack room we had a line for a utility sink and for a washer installed in the one corner. We have an extra washer and dryer from the old house and wanted the hookup option.

IMG_2228 - Copy


For the pastures, we installed Kentucky 3 board. While I would have loved to have put in 4 board, we just couldn’t justify the added cost at this time. We divided the back acreage into a smaller paddock and a larger pasture with a run in shed. Eventually we’d like to make a small dry lot to the right of the small paddock but that will have to wait until the dirt pile is moved.


For the ring we did a 4’ 3 board fence with one board placed on the bottom to prevent the footing from running out. Because it sat for a bit we do have places where we need to add additional footing, but that will come with time.

Finally they installed posts for our wash stall and composted bins. We actually ended up getting these for free because they messed up several parts of our pasture and yard fence (nothing that we couldn’t live with).


To keep the mess down, we opted to concrete the 12×60 aisle way, a 12×12 grooming stall and our tack room. In order to do this, they dug out several inches of the base which we then used to fill and level stalls. While they were there, we also had them pour a 10×10 slab out back for a wash stall and two 6×6 bases for compost bins behind the barn.


And a little touch of love (Marcus’s front right shoe)


Ideally this dirt area around the barn of the barn and near the wash stall will be gravel some day (hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m over this mud).



Compost Bins

I love to garden as a hobby, so we opted to compost our manure. Or at least give it a try. We already have a small composter for our house hold food waste that is by the house but obviously needed something larger for the horses. Chris found plans to make compost bins online and we planned to make two:

Our fencing company wouldn’t install square posts, so we did round. They are still in progress, so I will have to update later but we plan to add 2×2 to each post to be able to add and remove boards from each side. Since we don’t currently have a tractor to mix the piles, we will use PVC pipes to add air. It will be a bit of a trial run to see how quickly we fill each bin and if we need to build another.

IMG_2229 - Copy

So what’s left? Inside the barn, we need to put the finishing touches on the stalls like hardware and installing stall mats and insulate and finish the tack room. Outdoors we need to put up arena lights and gravel a driveway and trailer parking area to near the barn.


2 thoughts on “Barn Building 101-Part 2

  1. I just started reading your blog and now I’m sooooooo jealous! Everything looks beautiful. I love the idea of dedicated compost bins and the hoof print is a fab touch. I eagerly anticipate updates!!


    1. Thank you so much! I was thinking Id do part 3 this weekend because we are snowed in and I cant ride 😦 Its been super cool to see how its come together and I am so happy to have my horses at home ❤


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