2017 Goals

I am about a week late, but here I go.

I often vocalize my goals for the year but rarely actually write them down. So here is to 2017 and keeping track of my goals for the year.



  • Get back to running 3-4 days a week (I am down to 2-3 right now)
  • Weight training  consistently 3 days a week
  • Reduce wine consumption (Don’t worry, I laughed  too)
  • Try to keep this silly blog update to journal our progress



  • Continue to work on managing my show anxiety and nerves.
  • Get involve with the Area 8 Adult Riders
  • Take 1 dressage lesson a month
  • Ride Frankie at Masterson
  • Work on getting more comfortable on terrain (specifically downhill)
  • Do a better job at cleaning my tack and boots (Chris made me add this one)
  • Take at least 1 lesson a month on Frankie


  • Insulate and finish the tack room
  • Reseed all pastures
  • Finish building jumps (so Chris stops asking if he can use my wood for things)



  • Improve our downward transitions
  • Score below a 30 in dressage
  • Complete an event at Novice on a number not a letter
  • Compete at either the AECs or Area 8 championships


  • Show at a couple dressage shows and CTs this spring
  • Show him myself
  • Complete a trial at Starter



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