Barn building-Part 3 Final touches

We spent the fall putting the (almost) final touches on the barn. These included installing stall mats, mounting hardware, making a gravel driveway and putting up arena lights.

Inside the barn


I put a blanket bar on each stall front and we added a hanging hook for halters on the door. For most of the stalls, except for those horses that don’t respect them (I’m looking at you Frankie) we put screw eyes for stall guards. Luckily always has a 30% off an order sale, so we were able to order most of the hardware from them.

Marcus has more clothes than I do

For mats, we were able to purchase them from KBC here in Lexington and get 10% off and free delivery. We also bought a handful from a local lady for about $15/mat to use for the wash stall.

Let me tell you-those suckers are heavy! To move them around we found laying them over a 2×4 and having two people carry them worked pretty well.  To trim them to size we used a sawzall and then an exacto knife to closer cuts. Chris packed down the stone dust base, then used a mallet to hammer them close together.

I will say I hope I never had to install them again.

Inside, we used bucket holders ($1.95/smartpak) for water buckets and corner feeders.ey

These are way easier to use than the standard screw eye/double ended snap

Grooming area/Aisle way 

Because we have a couple boarders, I put two sets of cross ties up. In the grooming area we also put two more blanket bars for wet saddle pads and to hang coolers/scrims. I put in a folding saddle rack and a 4 prong hook to hold bridles. We were given hanging things (no clue what they are called) for our brooms/rake/pitchfork and they double for hanging wet blankets that need to dry.

Arena lights

This was part of our wedding gift from my parents. We installed 25′ metal poles with LED lights. He trenched and ran wire back in September when he was here for the wedding, and we had to pour concrete for the posts. My dad then came back down in November to put up the poles. All in all, it took about 3 days total to get them up and running. Ours are set on a timer and can only be turned on after 6 am and before 9 pm (mostly because of our boarders) and shut off automatically after the amount of time they have been set for. Ideally we would have liked to have put 4 poles up, but we could only do 3 because of a light pole near our ring. I’ve found that we have plenty of light to work under.


Clearly Frankie was upset about the heavy machinery

End result!

We also graveled a driveway from the house to the barn, between the ring and the barn and then out back to make a parking area for cars and for my trailer

We still have a few things left to do like insulating and finishing the tack room and planting grass seed (so much mud!) but we plan on doing that in the spring.


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