Baby’s first show!

Frankie went to his first horse show this weekend at the Kentucky Horse Park. My expectations were low as he has only been off my property a few times and he hasn’t been ridden with a lot of horses since the track, but he blew us away with how good he was!

I had Laura, the young pro who helps with him, show him as I wasn’t sure how he would be (she has a velcro butt) and I didn’t think that with my show  nervousness  I would give him the positive ride he needed.

Friday I hauled him over to school in the covered arena since he had never been in there before and hasn’t been in an indoor since I bought him. I threw him on the lunge for a few minutes and he was quiet, so Laura hopped on. He was rock solid and hacked around the small warm up, then she took him to the arena and walked and trotted around. He took it all in stride. I could not have asked for better! Back on the trailer and home we went.

Hanging out like a show horse

Saturday I brought him over and let him eat his breakfast in his stall. Then we went for a walk down to the arena and we hung out and watched. He was nervous but never once acted out. I had planned to lunge him, but the footing in the ring outside was terrible and I felt it wasn’t worth the risk. Laura hopped on and I held my breathe. Frankie warmed up great-nervous but calm.

Taking in the warm up
Ignore the cuts. Some one is still a wee bit nervous on the trailer alone…

He did Intro A and Intro B. Kept his cool the whole time, even when the horse next to him was exploding. There were some baby moments, but he was FANTASTIC! I couldn’t believe how good he was!

Intro B:

The two Intro classes combined and he got a 4th for his A and 3rd for his B with respectably scores in both. The judge came up to me later and told me how good he was for a baby and that she though he was going to jump great based on how he was built and how he moves.

Baby’s first ribbons!!

Lots of carrots and hugs for baby horse! Can’t wait until the next show.


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