Frankie learns gymnastics

Don’t worry- I’m not ignoring Marcus-he gets hacked a few times a week right now. He’s earned an easy winter after how awesome he was for me all show season.

After Frankie’s stellar performance at Snowbird, we wanted to change it up a bit a see what he would do through gymnastics. We wanted to start simple, so we set up a trot in one stride.

He walked quietly over the poles and then when Laura asked him to trot, he leaped over both. A little enthusiasm never hurt anyone 🙂

We gradually built up to a X-rail to X-rail, then changed the out to a vertical. Finally we made it an oxer then  we added a landing pole about 9′ out. Finally, we raised the oxer to about 2’3 or so to see what he thought. He took the entire exercise in stride and never rushed, backed off or got flustered. What a cool horse. I didn’t want to push him, so next time we’ll work on adding a third element.

Turns out the dressage judge’s statement about him being built to jump well was true and at least over this little combo, he jumped in fantastic form.

First trip with the oxer:

We quit on this one:

A little blurry but I’ll take it! Baby boy likes to jump!

I had some issues a few months ago with Frankie that triggered a bit of a flash back to my old horse who tried to flip over with me. They look alike and Frankie, for a couple days, got cranky when I put leg on. It was the same behavior that lead to my old horse rearing, and it sent me into a panic. It got to the point where I wouldn’t get on him and I told Chris I wanted to sell him (he repeatedly told me no). I didn’t have the confidence that I was good enough to bring along a young horse as I still feel like I somehow caused my old horse to start rearing.

I had a good friend come over and work with me on getting him through it (while I was hysterically crying and hyper ventilating). Turns out, he’s not like my old horse, and when I got after him he never offered to go up he just said “Okay I’ll do it”. I had a long talk with my trainer and she told me I needed to trust her and myself that I COULD bring along a young one and pointed out that while Marcus was broke he was quirky as can be. With her help, and Laura schooling him for me regularly, I feel a lot better about it.

Anyway, I’m really glad that I had good friends, a supportive husband and a great trainer to help me work through it. Frankie is great and I couldn’t ask for more in a green horse (aside from maybe a little less love of mud). Between the jump school and the dressage school, my excitement about him has sky rocketed. I cant wait to see what the future holds for us-I think he is going to be a super cool horse.


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