Mud is becoming a 4 letter word here.

At least the boys are having fun in it.

How does this even happen?
It’s cool. I’ve always wanted a palomino


Who does this?

I wonder if they think it will get them out of work? I have to admit it almost got Marcus out last night but then I just cleaned off where the bridle goes and hopped on. Nice try, sucker.

It’s supposed to rain again today, but then Chris Bailey and WLEX18 promised me a “game changer” this weekend. I hope that isnt code for 2 feet of snow, though that would cover up the mud for a while…

I just want sun. And clean horses.


2 thoughts on “Mud

  1. Everything is mud here in Maryland too, but damn if it doesn’t feel like spring out today!! Tho… This time last year was right around when “sudden onset winter” hit us so who knows.


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