For a change of pace

This weekend was 100% non-horsey. We headed up to the mountains of WV so I could attend Snowshoe’s 3rd Annual Head Women’s Ski Camp.
I love ski camp-its a chance for me to focus solely on improving while surrounded by other women who love to ski as much as I do.  I also find it incredibly frustrating as like riding, some of my bad habits are deeply ingrained from years and years of doing them. I constantly seek perfection and I am never satisfied.

All smiles on powder days!

We are lucky enough to get the mountains PSIA Level 2 and 3 instructors for the camp, as well as guest coaching from 1994 Olympic Gold medalist Diann Roffe. She also happens to be an eventer!

During our coaching session, Diann gave us a few drills and then watched us ski and  gave feedback at the end. I get a bit star struck when getting feedback from people like her.

Halfway through a bumped up run, I got frustrated and skied to the edge and slammed my poles into the snow, pissed.  Diann stopped me and told me that she saw that, and to stop being so hard on myself-the better you are, the harder it is to fix the small things.

She then told me to make one seemingly small change on the next run and to see if that helped.

There are no friends on powder days. Except at ski camp.

The next run was my favorite on the mountain and I tried hard to think about that small change. As I crested the one steep  I caught Diann out of the corner of my eye

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” is all I heard as I skied by.

When I got down, she told me I made a huge improvement so I headed home on that note!


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