MSEDA 2016 End of Year Awards Dinner

This past Saturday was the Mid-South Eventing and Dressage Association annual meeting and awards dinner.  Instead of a speaker, the Board decided to do an open forum including “100 ways to get eliminated”. As a relative newbie to the eventing world, I found this super useful! The two speakers went over all of the terms we usually lump together for “eliminated” including RF, W, MR, DQ. We got to ask questions and discuss rules, tack, and behavior. I hope they do it again next year.

Marcus and I did pretty well this year!

First, I got my USEA Area 8 Adult Amateur 6th place ribbon (we missed the Area 8 awards dinner because of weather). I’ve never won any type of regional or national award so this was super exciting. I am still in shock!

We ended up 1st in Senior Starter CT, 2nd in Senior Starter HT and 5th in Senior Beginner Novice CT. Not too shabby considering we moved up in June.

I was also awarded a $500 educational grant from MSEDA to be put towards lessons.  The Board said that since I came from a unique background and I wrote about my struggles with the transition, they chose me. In return I am supposed to document my progression in a blog they will feature. I feel super lucky!


One thought on “MSEDA 2016 End of Year Awards Dinner

  1. Wow congrats on all the ribbons and especially that scholarship!! Also I love the “100 ways to get eliminated” talk haha. That would have been super useful for me BEFORE I got TE’d in stadium after a refusal required the jump be reset, and I continued on course without waiting for the judge to ring me back on. Oops.


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