Pre-Season Prep

Marcus has had some time off this winter due to a combination of working really hard for me last season and a few NQR issues in his hind feet. I’ve always given him a month to 6 weeks off in the winter after a hard show season, and never fail, bringing him back is not fun.This year he’s been particularly bad and our walk trot conditioning rides have left me thinking maybe I would be better off wearing my XC vest.

After a week of putting up with his antics at the walk and trot, I spoke to my trainer and my vet-both agreed that he likes having a job and it would be better for all involved if he just went back to full work. So my plan is to flat him for two weeks, then start him back over fences around March 10th.

Aside from conditioning, I had my wonderful vet out to do a pre-season lameness exam. Because Marcus is 18, I have him checked out twice a year and make sure hes still feeling good. Ashley watched me ride him and did flexions, and we ended up injecting his hocks as planned. We typically do them in the fall, but he flexed well before Team Challenge so she suggested keeping him in light work over the winter and doing them before we start amping work up.

So now he gets the weekend off and goes back to full work on Monday. One month to prep for our first CT of the season, 6 weeks until our first HT.


I ❤ my vet. She is the best!
Go home Marcus, you’re drunk
Poor Marcus. I took advantage of this state and pulled his mane. 



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