Frankie does Jumper Stumpers

Frankie went and did a little schooling jumper show this weekend while Marcus was on the mend (which didn’t stop him from throwing a giant hissy fit when he saw me hook up my trailer and *gasp* load his baby brother and leave him behind).

A local farm here does an awesome schooling jumper show ever other month or so. They start at X rails then 1’9″ and go up every 3″ until they get to the big stuff. For $50, you can do up to three heights (two classes offered per height) and for $60 you can jump all day. What an awesome, cheap option for a baby horse.

Frankie loaded well and we hauled over in time for him to hang out before Laura got there to hop on. He was very relaxed but interested in what was going on.

Its funny to watch a baby horse progress over a show day.

First its all nerves and “WHAT ARE WE DOING AND WHY AM I HERE? ” . This was Frankie in his first Xrails round. Lots to look at and lots of friends to talk to.


Then its “Ok I’m still nervous but I know my job”. He progressed to this in his second class, and ended up doing a very pretty roll back in the jump off.


Finally, the cockiness comes out  and you get them”OK so cool, I know what I’m doing and I am super good at this now so I dont have to listen to you..”


The last round he did was a bit of a schooling around where Laura made him listen and knocked him down a peg. He was really, really good and ended up with a 1st, 5th and a 6th.

We need to work on the post show glamour shots





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