2017 Show Schedule

Since I mailed in my first entry of the year last week, I thought I probably ought to (tentatively)  map out my season so I had an idea of what we are going to do this year.


Marcus is going to a CT at the end of March and then we will start HTs in April. The goal, as of now is to run BN at Spring Bay and move up to N at May-Daze. That being said, if I don’t feel ready that move up isn’t going to happen as I am still nervous about the jump up in height and technical difficulty. I keep reminding myself that a) we were schooling N and T last year and b) I was this nervous moving up from starter to BN and we did fine. But again, no need to move up if we aren’t ready.

My schedule is pretty heavy on the KHP shows, and while I would love to show elsewhere, it adds considerable expense compared to showing at a venue that is 10 minutes up I75. I hope to make it to IEA in IN as my “away” show this year.

  Dates Show Location
  25 Paul Frazier CT KHP Lexington KY
  8-9 Spring Bay HT (USEA) KHP/Masterson Lexington KY
  13 Sayre School CT Masterson Station Lexington KY
  20 Wilderness Trace CT Meadowlake KY
  27-28 May-Daze HT (USEA) KHP Lexington KY
  3-4 IEA HT (USEA) Edinburgh, IN
  24-25 Midsouth PC HT (USEA) KHP Lexington, KY
  8 Bourbonwood CT Georgetown KY
  15-16 Champagne Run HT (USEA) KHP Lexington, KY
  1-3 AEC or Area 8 Championships KHP/Tryon NC
  16-17 Flying Cross HT (USEA) Goshen, KY
  30 Jumpstart HT (USEA) KHP Lexington KY
  21-22 Team Challenge HT (USEA) KHP Lexington KY


Frankie will likely do one schooling show a month if I can swing it. Champagne Run holds schooling CTs and MT and there are a few other places we can go (dates havent been posted yet). My goal with him is to do starter at Octoberfest over halloween weekend.


6 thoughts on “2017 Show Schedule

  1. Sounds like a great schedule!! It’s definitely hard to be thinking about move ups while still ensconced in the rust of off season… Once you guys are out and about tho I’m sure it’ll feel way more natural!


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