First lesson back

After a few weeks of sass filled flat work, I hauled Marcus over to my trainers this weekend to see what I had over fences. I am entered in a CT in two weeks and figured as much as I was dreading it, I needed to jump around to see where we were.

First showed his unhappiness with me daring to *gasp* load the trailer while he was out by galloping around the pasture for 5 minutes. Idiot.


Lucky for me this seemed to take the edge off.

Ever the optimist, I left his boots and my spurs in my trailer since I figured we would mostly flat and maybe hop over a few X-rails like our first lesson back last year.

I warmed up for a few minutes, instantly regretting the lack of spurs as Marcus spun at a) a dog, b) a person walking up and c) a pole on the ground. It was going to be ugly.

Luckily, something clicked in his brain and after a couple ugly unfocused X-rails, we got his attention and added a a vertical. We gradually built the course and jumped around fairly well and with decent manners for just coming back.

Julie had me focus on two things. First, she reminds me to square my shoulders the the jump-this gets me to tip them back and use my body which helps tremendously since  my default position is fetal while repeating “shit shit shit”.  Second, was to keep his stride “bouncy” and package him up, especially later in course. Marcus likes to build and by half way through the course, he thinks we need to jump BN at prelim pace.

Our final good trip. He felt awesome:



And here folks is why core strength is essential. Opps.

Overall we had two bad fences but he was obedient and happy. I’ll take that!


3 thoughts on “First lesson back

  1. you guys look great !! also i’ve totally done that neck plant when my horse knocks their front end hard on the jumps lol…. it’s hard to sit! glad the pony settled too, he looks ready for the season to begin!


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