Champagne Run CT

Despite my nerves, I entered Frankie in a little schooling show this past weekend. I went back and forth debating if the young pro should show him again, if we should each do a CT or if I should just show him. Ultimately I put my big girl panties on entered him with just me as the rider.

He loaded well (an issue we have been working on) and we headed over. I got there, got settled and he was a bit up, dancing around, kicking out, being a general PITA. So I gave him his breakfast then tacked him up and tossed him on the lunge. I spun him for maybe ย 5-10 minutes until he stopped trotting around like a standardbred at the meadowlands.

We headed to the warm up, and I was pretty nervous. I got on and he was nervous but really, really good. We trotted around and did a few transitions then headed to the indoor for our dressage test. He hacked down quietly ย and stood like a champ waiting until our turn. We walked in and he quietly trotted around the outside of the dressage arena and we started our test.


Dude needs a mane tamer

Our Dressage test:

We had a few baby moments but overall he was SO good. Better than I could have expected! We got a 39.

We had about 2 hours before “stadium” (using that loosely because it was ground poles) so Frankie got to hang out and eat hay tied to the trailer like a grown up horse.


Practicing to be a good Ammie horse


He didnt mind be drug along like a dog on a leash because there was plenty of snacks!

For stadium, the warm up was in an open field next to a herd of cattle. He was much more nervous than in the morning, but held his composure well even with kids riding up behind him and with an exploding greenie. In stadium he tried hard to be good and overall he was. We have to work on his head tossing straight up in the air but that will come (not sure where that habit came from). His last 4 trot poles were perfect.


Our “stadium” round:

We ended up finishing on our dressage score to place 2nd out of 6! I was super proud of him-especially since he took it all in stride and took care of my nervous self. Not bad for a 4 year old and his nervous rider!


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