Spring Bay Horse Trial-Day 1

Marcus and I ran Spring Bay HT this weekend at the KHP/Masterson Park. Spring Bay was the unofficial start to what I am affectionately calling the “Balls to the Wall” show season in attempt to get ready for either AECs or Area 8 Championships.

I debated even entering as we hadn’t done much all winter and in previous years, it’s been an event in my opinion with bad juju (terrible flooding, snow, horse deaths, etc.) What ultimately made me enter was that I knew mentally I needed to run BN once more if I was going to attempt to move up this year.

I had a few lessons in March and felt pretty decent in stadium, but still felt really weak in dressage (our test at Paul Frazer CT was HORRIBLE) and hadn’t schooled XC since October. When the weather caused us to cancel our chances to school on the Sunday before, then again on Wednesday before SB, I came close to scratching because mentally, I knew I couldn’t do it cold. Luckily Julie fit me in for a lesson the night before SB and we jumped around some smaller XC fences at her place. I figured I would just see what I had when I got there.

Saturday I hauled over early so I could scribe for the morning (KY events is awesome-they treat their volunteers fantastic and you get a voucher good for free schooling or $10 off an entry for every 4h shift). I love scribing because you learn SO much. I finished up and headed out to braid and get ready for dressage.

Marcus was pretty mellow and while it wasn’t our best test to date, we did put in a solid effort to score a 36.1. We weren’t center on the CL for our entrance and his frame was too open after we did our first canter but I didn’t have an angry, tense horse like PF and we improved on our free walk (always something we struggle with). It sat us 5th of 19.

For stadium I had a little opps and didn’t get a chance to walk my course, so watched a few rounds and figured we’d be ok. Marcus warmed up mellow and I debated taking off our gag rein (recently added back after Julie ended my two year “you will learn to ride this horse in a loose ring snaffle and use your seat and body” punishment) but the Murphy ring is tight and I figured after our stadium round at prelim speed at PF, I might need a little whoa.  There were few growls for my own confidence (and maybe an F bomb dropped by accident at a big spot), but overall a good round

I took M home and he and Hillary’s Annie got to hang out for the night and stretch their legs and eat some grass.


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