Spring Bay HT-Day 2

Sunday late morning we loaded up and headed to Masterson. Marcus was super chill while we were taking up and as we headed to the warm up. I was a bit worried because normally he’s super up-jigging, spooking, just being a general PITA. He warmed up pretty quiet and we jumped a couple Xrails before jumping a log and a coop. Again, super quiet. Julie had me slice the coop to make sure we could jump at an angle because of some of the approaches on course. We headed to the box  and I took a deep breath. Only one jump was bugging me on course-fence 3 which was a rampy table on a downhill approach. Blech. Julie told me to over ride to the first two fences because of their proximity to the warm up and to just sit up and kick at fence 3. Simple enough right?

We came out of the box at the first jump and I growled a bit. He landed, turned towards fence 2 and you could feel him dig in. That’s still the coolest feeling to me. Fence 3 jumped great despite my worries and we were all good until we landed off fence 7 where we came head to head with the rider before us. Marcus spooked and ran sideways so we wasted a bit of time trying to get forward again. He did that a few times on course between fences 8-11 but then was back to all business. I can’t blame him-we haven’t had to encounter another rider on course yet.

It was a fast (holy crap we came close to speed faults! That never happens), fun, confidence building course for us and we ended up finishing on our dressage score to stay in 5th. Mr. Mellow lost his marbles when we were done and proceeded to be the most annoying, obnoxious PITA horse ever back at the trailer.
Next up Novice at May Daze. Let the freaking out commence…


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