Green bean group lesson

I took my boys over to Julie’s on Saturday for lessons since we had a break from showing. Marcus (no pics/video) was a super star despite the heat and my poor riding to one (big) oxer.

Frankie did his first group lesson with my friend’s greenie (if anyone is shopping for a OTTB who WTC jumps little jumps and hacks out alone and groups let me know!).

We worked on a few things:

-Getting him to swing through the shoulder at the trot a bit more. He is a good mover but we will need to improve his trot (mostly in his shoulder) so we’ve been working on that slowly

-Downward transitions. He has gotten pretty heavy on the left rein in trot-walk transitions, so Julie helped me from the ground to get him softer. She gave me some tricks to try when I am working him at home.

-The dreaded left lead. Frankie is really hesitant to pick up his left lead and gets pretty frazzled if you ask too many times. But he’s pretty willing to land on it over a jump. So our homework is to only pick it up over a jump for a while until he gets more balanced and comfortable. Pick your battles with the babies.

-Jumping little jumps. This is mostly me-I was trying to make him stay in a frame in front of the jump and also trying to hold him. Julie said to let him raise his head a bit and that my only job was to get him to the path of the jump, then I need to push my hands forward and let him figure it out. Feels like a trust fall exercise trotting a very green horse up to a jump and letting him decide what we do. 🙂

After the lesson, Frankie and his new buddy Dewey went for a trail ride. I almost said no, but figured why not. So we hacked down to the creek and Frankie met his first kayakers! He was a rock star and loved it!



2 thoughts on “Green bean group lesson

  1. man i just love frankie – he’s so freakin cute! also with my green ottb, we went through a phase where i needed a ground pole to achieve the left lead. it’s… just a thing i guess. tho when schooling, my trainers encouraged me to keep the resulting left lead canter short and sweet, not run him on it forever once he picked it up. but maybe repeat the transition exercise a couple times. of course it’s so funny how the ottbs are constantly evolving, bc now our right lead tends to be a little stickier, go figure. anyway sounds like a great day of lessons!


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