Champagne Run CT-Frankie

Marcus has had an easy last two weeks after May Daze. Because of his age, I don’t like to jump him for a week or two after a horse trial and I tend to keep his schedule light. So Frankie got to be the center of attention.

Champagne Run put on another schooling CT/MT this past weekend and since Marcus was getting to relax, I entered Frankie in the Greenie Ground Pole CT and Greenie X Rail CT. They put on a lovely show that is a super experience for young horses.

I hauled over with plenty of time to let Frankie hang out, lunge him a bit and have plenty of time to warm up. I find with a baby its a fine line between taking the edge off and making them so tired that they think showing isn’t fun. He was a bit up coming off the trailer but loads better than last time. I tossed him on the lunge for a few minutes, then decided to head on down to the warm up.

He was a steady eddy in the warm up despite lots of activity and an open space.

We had USDF Intro test B for both CTs. Our first one was pretty good except for one pilot error. He was steady and tried hard but I forgot that both halts were at X. Opps.

I went in for our second test and told the judge I would do both of my halts in the same place this time and she laughed at me. He was AWESOME for the second test. A few baby moments but I could not have asked for better! The judge stopped me and told me she loved him, he was a great  mover and she thought I was going to have a TON of fun bringing him along. Her comments on my test were equally as good.

We ended up with a 30.4 and a 29.8, respectively.

Frankie had to hang around for a couple hours between dressage and stadium, so we went for a walk, got some water and then he stood quietly tied to my trailer.

Our ground pole class was WAY better than last time-he was steady and didn’t flip his head once.

For X-rails, he was a bit more “up” in warm up (he jumps big over them when he is excited but he doesn’t offer anything else bad). He walked in and just simply trotted everything, steady eddy. He did trip over one but I think that was partially being tired and partially being bored.

The funniest part about this horse is he is a total ham. He LOVES being the center of attention-his ears are pricked the whole time in the ring and he trots with a bit more swing.

We ended up 1st in ground poles and 2nd in X-rails. I was thrilled with him! He has been so so fun to bring along, and he seems to enjoy it. I hope CR will hold one more show this summer where we may try either the starter CT or run the starter MT depending on where we are at.




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