Midsouth Pony Club HT-Part 2

We were set to ride Stadium around 1pm on Sunday, so I got the horse park with enough time to feed, check on M and walk my course. I had thought about taking him home on Saturday night but a few too many stall beers at the KHP and a trip the Mexican place and I opted to leave my trailer and my pony.

He was none worse for wear and was super relaxed when I got there. Covered in poo stains (yay! He relaxed enough to lay down) and munching hay quietly.

After XC on Saturday, I noticed he had twisted his RH shoe slightly, so I was worried if he weaved at all overnight it would come off but it was ok and I opted to just leave it and have my farrier check it on Monday.

The course walked fine and looked like a lot of fun, so I watched a few trips to see where people opted to turn then headed back to tack up.

In the warm up, Marcus was pretty mellow and maybe a bit tired. We jumped a few, and then hopped over the oxer which he spooked hard at. That caught me off guard but we cleaned it up before going in.

He walked in and was a super star! Maybe we need to run XC first every time so he gets some of the sass out of his system! I managed to ride all of the inside turns I had planned and aside from a snug spot at 3 and a huge effort over #7 (thanks Marcus), we had a really nice, equitation like trip.

Plenty of fist pumps after that trip. We moved up to 3rd and got to do the victory gallop!

259-K2_R9234 MSPC Rally 2017.JPG
First fence
259-K2_R9242 MSPC Rally 2017.JPG
Overjumping a wee bit
The approximate 2.25 seconds M stood still for a picture

Julie is now talking a move up (eventually) to Training and while most of me is saying (yelling?) “NOPE!” part of me is starting to say “Maybe?”


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