Frankie’s first Mini Trial

A bit overdue, but I hauled Frankie to Flying Cross Farm in Goshen, KY for their summer mini trial the first weekend in July. What a great event for greenies. I entered him in Baby Starter for both days and he got to experience his first “real” horse show.

I was alone on Saturday so I don’t have any video, but Chris tagged along on Sunday to give me a hand and hang out. This event is great because you do dressage, then you do stadium about 1.5 hrs later and go directly to XC.


He did this the whole time Chris sat there


And this. Just like his big brother



We USDF Intro Test B and he was pretty good. A little fussy with his head, but overall solid and I was pleased with him. We got a fair 35.7.


Stadium was the same course as Saturday which worked to our advantage. In warm up he was a bit up and threw a few baby moments but nothing terrible.

He was pretty good, a bit fussy/cocky where he though we should GO but I made him trot the fences politely. He did stop and spook at the fountain, but I let him look, patted him and then asked him to keep going.


How cute is this baby XC course? Seriously this was the best intro he could have had. The jumps were all logs or poles, and the course was a simple 6 jumps around a field. Because of how they had the flags you could jump any of the others if you wanted. He was brave and seemed to enjoy it!

We ended up in 4th on Saturday and 5th on Sunday out of about 10. Not bad! I know we probably could have done starter, but I really don’t want to push this horse too much. Since Marcus is going strong, I feel like I can take lots of time with Frankie. I do plan, if all goes well, for him to do starter at Octoberfest this fall with a pro.



4 thoughts on “Frankie’s first Mini Trial

    1. I loved FC! They bought the farm next door, and had us stable over there. Its an easy hack across. The barns are old, but it was nice to be in a permanent barn with huge stalls. I’ve never been out for their USEA event, and I’ll have to sit it out this year but I hope to make it in 2018. Their jumps are nice, and friends who have done it say its their favorite.


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