Readjusting goals

When I ventured over to the dark side almost 3 years ago, my only goal was to have fun and to maybe one day complete an event at BN. The though alone of that made me want to puke, and quite frankly that first year, as Marcus repeatedly dumped me at starter and I had major anxiety over square oxers, it seemed down right impossible.

My favorite view

But I did it. And Julie told me to set my sights on N for this season.

I may have had a full out meltdown and jumped the first jump with tears rolling town my face, but I did that too.

And you know what? Even though we have finished out of the ribbons more than we have in ribbons this year, I have had SO MUCH FUN this season. Like more than I could have imagined and I enjoy XC now and I found the move up way easier than I thought I would be.

Novice was my only goal left and I did it. So now I’m sort of at a cross roads of what to do. After our last run at Novice, I sat down with my trainer and talked long term goals.

“I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth, and hearing them makes me a bit nauseous, but do you think Marcus and I could do Training in the future?” I asked my trainer.

She did everything in her power to hide her shit-eating-grin and said “Absolutely!”. Later my riding buddies told me she told them how proud she was of me that I wanted to try another move up.

So our goals for this season and next have changed a little. Marcus will do A8 Championships and then get the rest of the season off. We will run N again next year with the idea of moving up to T in the fall of 2018 if he still feels up for it. I do plan on running the N3D at KY Classique in September 2018 so that is my sole goal for next season.

I am so glad the jump judge caught this shot-it was the jump on course that felt perfect

One thing this does change is future plans for Frankie. When I got him, I never saw myself going past N and he was perfect for that. Now, I would like to set my long term goes on a T3D. Once we get there, I will re-evaluate. I’m not sure if Frankie is T material, so after talking it over with my trainer, our plans are to get him going at BN next year and then lease him out to a PC kid. I don’t want to sell him since he was never bought as a resale project and quite frankly, I love the little grump. He has instilled so much confidence in me and tries so hard. Julie told me she thinks he will turn out just like Marcus just a bit mellower.

This baby horse impresses me more every day

So with that, we are on the slow hunt for a upper level prospect for me. We want to find the “WOW” horse for me. I’ve looked at a few but since I have tons of time, I don’t mind to hold out for the perfect combination of brains, temperament, movement and heart. And of course cheap. Luckily we have space at home, so if the right horse comes along, s/he has a stall waiting.



2 thoughts on “Readjusting goals

  1. so awesome!! it sounds like marcus and frankie have been really excellent for your confidence AND goals reaching. i, too, would like to reach a T3D — there’s quite a ways to go, for me, but we’ll get there eventually.


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