My name is Kristen and I started this blog (with the encouragement of others) to document a few big changes in my life: my transition from the world of hunters to the eventing  and to document life on our small farm in Kentucky.

We named our place Fall Line Farm because of our love of skiing. The Fall Line is the fasted line down the mountain-if you rolled a marble it would be the path it traveled to the base.

Our farm is going to be home to my two horses: Marcus and Frankie. Marcus is a 17 year old sassy grey TB whom I adore. We did the pre adults, then the adult hunters before I got bored and decided to try eventing. He loves it, I am still learning. I am the only girl you will see out on XC in her tailoreds and pearls.

Frankie is a 4 yo TB that I bought from a friend of a friend. Hes sweet and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. He has big shoes to fill coming up behind his older brother.